Old Almo Creamery

Q:  What is the difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk?

A:  Raw milk is milk that has been harvested from the cow, cooled, and then bottled.  It has not been processed in any way.  Pasteurized milk is milk that has been heated and then cooled to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the milk.  We use a vat, or batch, pasteurizer to slowly heat milk to 145 degrees and then hold it at that temperature for 30 minutes.  This process allows us to retain the taste and integrity of the milk.  

Q:  What is cream line milk?

A:  Our cream line milk has been pasteurized for safety but has not been homogenized.  Homogenization is the process of breaking up the fat particles in milk to be smaller so that they stay in suspension.  Milk that is not homogenized will form a cream line as the cream rises to the top.

 Q:  Why do you use glass bottles?

A:  Glass bottles are reusable, and when properly handled can last over an extended period of time.  Although there is an initial startup cost, over time glass bottles are more affordable than plastic and allow us to sell milk at a lower price.

Q:  How do bottle deposits work?

A:  There is a $2 refundable bottle deposit on every Old Almo Creamery glass bottle you take.  On your initial purchase this will automatically be added to your bill.  Every time you return a glass bottle you will receive $2 back.  For example, if you initially buy 1 gallon of milk you will take two bottles and must pay a $4 deposit.  If you return both bottles and purchase a new gallon of milk no further deposit is necessary.  However, if you return only one bottle and buy a new gallon of milk you will owe an additional $2.  If you were to return two bottles and buy only a half gallon of milk you would receive $2 back.

Q: Do you offer home delivery?

A:  We do not provide door-to-door home delivery.  However, if you would like to buy products directly from the creamery please contact us.  Arrangements can be made to have a weekly delivery in your area similar to Bountiful Baskets.

Q: Do you use rBST or other synthetic growth hormones on your cows?

A:  No, we do not give our cows any synthetic hormones to increase growth or milk production.  We know that this is a concern for many of our consumers and want to provide the best, quality milk possible.

Q:  What breed of cows do you have?

A:  We raise and milk Jersey cows and Jersey-Holstein crosses.  These cows produce milk with a higher protein and butterfat content than most other dairy breeds.  This "solids" content is what gives milk its flavor.

Q:  How much milk does a cow give in a day?

A: It varies greatly depending on the genetics of the cow, what she eats, and where she is in her lactation cycle.  On average, however, our cows give between 5 and 6 gallons of milk each day.