Old Almo Creamery

Old Almo Creamery is a family owned and operated dairy located in Almo, Idaho, in the shadow of the City of Rocks National Reserve.  It is a third generation farm that has always strived to produce quality products.  Our mission is to continue this tradition of excellence by providing fresh, quality dairy products to our local communities at affordable prices.  We strive to maintain excellent land stewardship practices and efficient use of resources to ensure that this legacy can be passed on to future generations.



What We Offer

Our milk is natural, local, fresh, and creamline making it more like the milk you remember drinking as a child, with the cream floating on the top. It is slowly pasteurized in a vat, cooled, and then packaged in half gallon and gallon plastic jugs for your convenience. In addition to bottled milk, we offer a variety of cheeses.  We use great care to ensure the quality of all our products.